Back to work and back in the swing of things...

Hooooraaaaayyyyy!!! Am I allowed to say that? Don't get me wrong, I adore my children, but jeez louise I have been looking forward to this for months (since approximately the time I realised my second born was a turbo-powered, crawling, shouting, destroying machine that thinks sleep is for losers). Of course I was apprehensive about nursery and how the morning routine would go, and whether I would feel that pang of guilt at leaving my 'beloved baby' in the care of relative strangers. I didn't sleep all that well on Monday night, and was up before my alarm. I think I was mentally running through the chain of events all night, preventing myself from entering anything that resembled proper sleep. But the first morning went suspiciously well... My toddler was dubiously cooperative, eating all her breakfast and getting herself dressed. The baby slept through (NEVER HAPPENS) and woke up just in time for me to get myself and toddler fed and dressed... spooky. Then he proceeded

Mum2Vet 1st Edition

I'm baaaaack!!! Well, part of me is. I've lost a large portion of my brain in the last 7 months. I have poured milk into the instant coffee jar and spread my crumpet with Sudocream but otherwise I've been doing rather well I think (just don't tell the rozzers I forgot to insure my car for the best part of my maternity leave). 1+1 most definitely does not equal 2... it equals something more like 8.9 on the Richter scale, which is probably why everyone keeps telling me that having a third doesn't make much of a difference. I don't intend to find out if it's true - these breeding boots are well and truly hung up. As much as I'd love a brood worthy of it's own sports team, I'm not sure I could cope mentally. Don't get me wrong, I love my children dearly but they are markedly harder to please and placate than the worst equine clients, so hand me the bute and I'll be in that estate car before you can say Pedro Pony. I've been asked a few